Steve is an outstanding attorney, who is adept at handling extremely complex cases as well as the more simple ones. I highly recommend him. - Shem Malmquist

I've known and worked with Steve Gassner for over the past 25 years and have always been impressed with his sharp analytical skills in solving problems, whether they be technical or legal. - Yubert Fang

Steve's meticulous attention to detail couple with his inquisitive nature ensured that the toughest problems were not only fully addressed but were resolved with the most expedient solutions.- Larry Blair

Stephen is a smart, determined and capable attorney. You will be well represented. - Elizabeth Rose-Marini

Stephen is a very bright man, has an extraordinary memory, and is determined to represent his clients to the fullest extent of his capability. - Thomas Kendall

This man is the best of the best, both as a lawyer and man. - Peter DeRozza