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Stephen Gassner has been representing family law clients in Dissolution of Marriage, Paternity, and Domestic Violence actions, for over 20 years. He routinely represents individuals whose cases arise in Superior Court facilities in the Counties of Los Angeles, San Bernardino and Riverside.

We provide services related to property division, management and control of marital and separate property, spousal support, child support, judgment enforcement, custody and visitation, domestic violence prevention, conflicts about who gets parental rights, and injunctions against misbehavior, or to comply with existing court orders. To get meaningful results in court, we gather and organize your evidence, analyze your goals, help you figure out what is in your best interest, and engage multi-disciplinary approaches to your case. When you do not yet have the evidence to prove your case, we can help you search for the sources of genuine and convincing evidence. Although we consistently look for reasonable areas of settlement, we won't settle without your knowledge and consent. We focus upon protecting your rights That means we demand hearings and make compelling arguments to protect our clients' rights.

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Legal problems tend to mushroom when they languish. A problem that might have started simply can become progressively more complex with the passage of time. Early intervention is usually the calmest and least stressful approach. Getting your problem analyzed by a professional is frequently the shortest and most direct way to resolve a problem before it mushrooms.

You deserve immediate attention when you have questions about your case. We help you feel confident and informed throughout the legal process. Our team has experience handling family law matters in the local courts. You can count on us to provide you with reliable, effective advice throughout your case. When you come to our compassionate team for help, you can expect personal attention and a friendly attitude.

Hiring an Upland, CA, lawyer may be the best way to get answers as you deal with your legal issues. Whether you have questions about your rights or want to know how to proceed with your family law case, you can turn to Law Office of Stephen Gassner for recommendations. 

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